Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Advantages and disadvantages of cheap diesel generators

Manufacturers of diesel generators are constantly working to create new models, so there is a wide range of electric generators in the market today, which is constantly updated. Many of them not having time to become popular and disappear from the market, others sustained serious competition, are in demand in many areas of human activity.

Diesel generators have a lot of advantages:
1. The diesel cheap generators are more efficient than petrol units. Performance of diesel generator is 36% and this is a very high score.
2. Diesel generators are not as explosive as gasoline generators, ignition occurs much less frequently.
3. Diesel generators are less expensive as gasoline, just look at the prices for diesel fuel and gasoline.
4. The exhaust gases of cheap diesel generator contain less carbon monoxide, and therefore its use is less harmful to the environment and human health.
5. Diesel fuel evaporates slowly, which reduces the risk of fire setting. Increased efficiency of power generation due to high torque, combined with a wide range of speed, which can output diesel unit.

This feature is not only improve performance, but makes the generator more reliable and powerful.

Cons of diesel generators:
1. If diesel fuel is insufficient quality (it will impurity particles or water) is immediately affect the operation of the diesel generator. Their engines are sensitive to the composition of the fuel, and therefore need to develop the habit of beginning to buy only good products (fuel) from reliable suppliers. Otherwise it is necessary to give the saved money to repair or replace equipment.
2. Engineers and scientists work tirelessly to make a diesel generators completely silent. While they did not succeed, because when the device is working you can heard the characteristic noise and clatter. However, it is not too intense, so will not cause serious problems.

The most popular manufacturers of generators

The most popular European manufacturers of diesel generators - the German company EKO and HAMMER, the French company SDMO, manufacturer of Spain Gesan, UK FG Wilson, Turkey Genpower, co-production of the United Kingdom and China Aiken, Germany and China HUTER. Despite the relatively high cost, the production of the above companies has a very high performance and long service life.
Mustang, Generac and Ranger are the most popular american diesel generator manufacturers. They supply small cheap diesel generators for domestic use as well as industrial devices.

A wide range of diesel generators is the great advantage that allowing consumers to find the device, ideally meets the requirements and objectives of the relevant application.

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