Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Do street racers like 7-8 seater vehicles?

There are so many people who mistakenly believe that the drivers and street racers is the same thing. I think so - it's not a true. In this article I will try to hold heavy line between they two.

4 cylinder 7 seater vehicles list

"For people who love sports utility vehicles and 6 or 7 passenger vehicles, this is unfortunate." Read more about 7 seater vehicles at

The driver is a professional driver, with a good education, social status. Any driver is responsible for each race - reconcile better cornering trajectory, optimum braking torque on all sections of the route, personally adjusts the car in his own way, long trains. He feeds on a special track, with the same drivers, like himself. For drivers like nothing better than to be carried by Alpine Road, at its conceptual car decals pasted over, trying to get ahead of the other one or two seconds. Of course, it is impossible to name the riders robots with a single purpose - to win (and their personal life is arranged, and the entertainment they love), but still ... Street racer is a complete opposite of him, he is cheeky, arrogant, rebellious offender does not recognize the rules. His past is not clean, are not secure, the future is all a blur. He spends sleepless nights in discos, parties, which presses "girls" and indulge in grass. During the day he becomes steep driver, which is not in the vocabulary of the phrase "too fast." Street racer can be compared with the white shark - if it stops, it will die. Living it proceeds as rapidly as ends ... Driver and street racer are completely different people. The only thing that unites them - it's a lifelong race to the finish which is death ... For many auto lovers street racing is a love of cars. After all, most of the drivers are fans of their 7 seat vehicles, for which the car is not just a means of transportation, but also a little bit more. For them street racing is the adrenaline, the freedom, the underground. Here are just such people, there are fewer and street racing just turns into a travel on expensive cars with the necessary growling muffler.

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