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Review on tankless water heaters & boilers

Vertical and horizontal types boilers have the same technical characteristics, differing only in the way of installation.

Tankless water heater & boilers reviews

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Indirect heating boiler

Indirect heating boilers used for heating a large amounts of water. This type of boiler used in large homes and buildings. It is difficult to imagine how much time will take 1000 liters of water heating with electricity, although most of the boilers of this type have the ability to connect a powerful electric heating elements.

The main element of the boiler is a copper coil through which circulates coolant. Usually generator for water heating is gas fired boiler, although recently become more common a solar collectors for heating water in the summer. Indirect heating boiler is equipped with a special thermostat that monitors the temperature of the water in the boiler. If the temperature inside the tank drops below the preset, the thermostat will work and will give a signal to the boiler control unit or boiler, the boiler will switch a special three-way valve, and all the power will go to the heating boiler. When will the set temperature, the thermostat contacts open and the boiler will pass away in a normal heating mode heating.

A special place is occupied by the combined boilers. The maximum amount of such boilers is 140 liters. Combi boilers are installed on the wall, and in addition to the traditional electric water heaters have built a steel coil for connection to the boiler.

Before you decide to buy a water heater - it is necessary to define the requirements for this device and the type of the water heater. Let's start our tankless water heater review.

Gas or electricity?

According to the type of energy used water heaters may devide to electric and gas. They are virtually the same by functional quality, however, require different conditions for different installation and commissioning.

Another important feature - a principle: water-heating devices are available in the storage and flow type. Water heater consists of two tanks that are inserted into each other and separated by a thermally insulated with electric heating elements heating elements. Tankless water heaters can get hot water instantly, simply by opening the valve. Just read additional gas / electric tankless water heater reviews to know more.

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