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Info about kluft mattresses

Mattress is the main piece of bed that allows the body to take the correct position during sleep. Properly selected mattress can help relieve a variety of painful sensations caused by improper position of the spine. Therefore, the main function of the mattress is to ensure the correct position of the human spine during the entire time lying down. Which to buy a mattress depends on several factors - body weight, hardness of the mattress, individual sensations.

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Types of Mattresses

There are two common types of mattresses in the modern market - spring and springless. These two types of mattresses have their advantages and disadvantages. The main difference springless mattresses - it is less resilient effect. Spring mattress is actually out of the spring block and spacers that separate the body from the springs. The spring units are independent and dependent. Dependent consist of spring-type "Bonnell" is filling in almost all the old mattresses, and modern economy class mattresses. In separate springs mattresses all springs are placed in small cloth bags made of nonwoven, where each spring is located in a separate pouch separately and not related to other springs. Independent springs differ in diameter spring, and therefore the number of springs per square meter of the spring assembly. Putting a layer on top of the springs, which give the surface hardness or softness. The most popular fillings are polyurethane foam, synthetic latex, foam rubber. Coco (coconut coir) - Hard natural filler. Due to its porous structure of coir excellent breathable and does not absorb odors. Not recommended for people with big weight because it may begin to crumble. Felt is used as a cushioning material between the layers, and just as the soft layer in the mattress.

Springless mattresses, as a kluft mattress or other popular brands are made from a single monoblock of material, or layers of different materials. The most popular and at the same time affordable is a group of synthetic latex mattresses, foam rubber, etc. This latex rigid models of mattresses are recommended for people with problems in the upper part of the back, as well as children and adolescents. Mattresses of the monolith coconut is very hard.

Orthopedic mattresses are based on blocks of springs. Virtually all modern mattresses made on the basis of such blocks. Each spring in the mattress is placed in a separate carrying case - it allows you to spread the load and keep the spine in the correct position throughout sleep.

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