Friday, July 5, 2013

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The city realty is not hidden because all the things that are present in the cities are prominent and open for the keen observers.

The things that are important should be included in the benefits and disadvantages of the city life. The people who are living in the cities don’t have experience of beauty of the nature because cities are the places where practical life is more important then the emotions and feelings.

There are many benefits of the city life because there are many job opportunities for the people. If you are a technician or expert then you can get high salaries in the cities because the demand of the specialists and experts is more in the cities. It is the biggest city realty that should be in your mind. Now there are many factories and industries that need workers and officials for the working and administrational purposes. The people who want to make their future bright should try to get some jobs in the cities because there you can earn thousands of dollars.
The educational opportunities are also more in the cities. Now you can get admission in the schools, colleges and universities because these education institutions are present in each and ever city. The students can improve their experience and skills because most of the highly specialized educational institutions are present in the big cities. If you are looking for the skill development then you can join the vocational training centers that are working for the improvement of the common people by providing them essential and practical knowledge.

Besides all the benefits of the city life there are many disadvantages of living in cities because there are many problems associated with the health issues of the people such as pollution and lake of sincerity. The city realty should be in you mind so we are starting from the industrial areas that are being a major problem for the cities. The industries are the most important component of the city life because these are providing the people job opportunities. Now the industries are producing pollution because these industries produce many different toxic and hazardous to health chemicals. These chemicals are creating pollution in the rivers and oceans as well as the ground water.