Friday, August 16, 2013

Is it possible to fix the mattress?

You have bought a pillowtop mattress of good quality a long time ago, comfortable and suits you in every way. It regularly served you for a years and during that time but broke a some. Boarding has become worn, and maybe somewhere there appeared a hole because you have not followed it, and you cat likes to sharpen claws on the mattress. In general, the view of mattress was not the same, but it still keeps an orthopedic qualities for which you purchased it. You do not want to throw away this expensive and the now familiar thing. What can you do?

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Just a few people know that you life beaten mattress can be repaired and you can give it a new breath. And that is how most often happens as fillers mattresses are made of a very durable and reliable materials that serve for many years without losing quality. And it is easy to repair the lost look of upholstery mattress.

If the mattress padding is slightly damaged - for example, it formed one or more small holes from the claws of an animal or something you're hooked for fabric and broke it, the hole can be repaired with special repair kits for mattresses available in the market. These kits usually include several patches of natural fabric used for covering mattresses, and special-resistant glue. With this simple kit you can patch even relatively large gusts.

If you feel that your memory foam mattresses became too worn and tatty cloth is not destroyed, but already looks unattractive, in this case there are no reason to worry and throw out your mattress. High-quality memory foam mattresses will last you for a few more years, and you can buy a new cover for it to hide the flaws of his "appearance". It will improve hygienic functions of your old mattress and will protect your new mattress from dirt or damage.

Remember the main thing, an orthopedic mattress has the main important part inside itself. So if your favorite mattress suffered outside, it can always be repaired.

Just for note - the age of discovered ancient mattress is estimated at about 77,000 years old, and it's 50,000 years older than previously found the mattress of ancient people. The date was possible to establish through the use of two methods - by studying the microstructure of the findings and analysis of phytoliths, microscopic silicon crystals formed over time in the fibers of plants.
It was discovered 37 fossil mattresses in the cave, apparently they were made by human hands. By studying the ancient mattresses, scientists have found that our ancestors created for themself something similar to a real memory foam mattresses, not like modern hastens mattress but they were really good.

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